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Abductees Anonymous - International Association of Experiencers
AIX UFO BBS UFOs & Other Phenomenon
Alien, Aliens, Roswell, New Mexico, Information, 1947 - Home of the 'Alien' 1947 - Billed as the original and the only "official" link to Roswell, NM.
Alien & UFO Photos Album - (Alex Fung)
Alien AutopsyPerform your own Alien Autopsy
Alien Bob's Command Post
Alien Information - (Ron Bertino)
Alien Magic
Alien On-Line - (Andrea Mameli)
Andrew Draper's Links to Military Servers (UNCLASSIFIED)
Ancient Astronaut Society-HomePage
Anomalist - Exploring the mysteries of science, nature, & history
Area 51 - UFOmind - Black projects, UFOs and govermnet accountability at the secret military area north of Las Vegas
Area51 Research Center
Area 51 Research Center: Area 51
Area 51 Survey
Art Bell Web Page - The # 1 Late Night Talk Radio Program
Astronaut Testimonials
AUFORA - Alberta UFO Research Association


Ball of Light
Bellingham UFO Group - Bellingham, WA
Bernabe' Pages - UFO and other Paranormal Links
Beyond Boundaries,Inc - Specializing in organizing and leading UFO phenomena expeditions
BUFORA - British UFO Reserch Association - The largest UFO research organizatiion in the UK
Bruce Cornet - UFO Investigator


Canadian UFOlogist -
CSICOP - Committee for the Scientific Investigations of Claims of the Paranormal -
Chris' s UFO Info Archive
Chuck McCorkle's HomePage - UFO/Crop Circle Links
ConspiracyWeb - The Web Site for Paranoids
ContactLab - A project to publish real life accounts of UFO experiencers & researchers, alien abductees & abductions themselves
CptKirk's Country-Cajun UFO Site - There are those that believe, that life began out-there!
Crop Circle Connector


Dark Corners - Down -N- Dirty Saucer Pix
Department of Interplanetary Affairs
Doctor's Plot - article on John Mack by James Gleick
DOE Declassified information
Don Sloan's UFO Art
Do UFO's Exist? - article by David L. Arment
Dragonbane's UFO Information Page
Dreamland Interactive Entertainment
Dr. Scott's Brain Squeezin's - A collection of unusual links & information oozing from the pinched mind of Dr. Scott
Dutch UFO research


Index of /elektromagnum/ufo/
EBE - Extraterrestrial Biological Entity Page - Roswell, Area51, UFOs, Abduction, Crop Circles, Conspiracies & more
My Links - page by E.Fields - UFO Info
Erics Links to the Unexplained - UFOs
Eyes on the Web - SETI, UFOs, etc- Search for Extraterrestrial Life (also UFO's, Paranormal, New Age Stuff)


Face on Mars - (Mark J. Carlotto)
Fantasmagoric Museum's - Aliens WWW Sites
Fantasmagoric' UFO Links
Fleetwood Project - UFO Research & Database - dedicated to the advancement of human understanding of the UFO phenomena
FSR - Flying Saucer Review
Flying to the Moon with Dr. Bruce Cornet - by Malcolm the Magnificent June 1995
Foo Fighters - UFOs and Related Anomalies - Phenomena of the Psyche
Fortean Times on line
Frank's Links to Science Fiction - UFOs & Aliens
Frelon Cyberspace UFO Resources on the Net
Future Fantastic


Galactic Central
Galactic database - Information about the technology of spacepeople. Spacelanguage & pictures from other dimensions/planets
Galaxy - Unidentified Flying Objects [Parascience] ie.Aliens-R-Us
Gimp Autopsy
Gonzo Links - Your online guide to millennial America
Greg's UFO and Conspiracy Page - designated to finding out once & for all if there are aliens that come to our planet
Groom Lake & USAF Plant 42 - Links between Groom Lake and California's Antelope Valley
Guide to Knowledge


Hangar 18
Hangar Umpteen - A Warehouse Full of Alien Crap - 50 Greatest Conspiracies of All Time
Hastings UFO Society
Holocom Sci-Fi Page - Sci-Fi & Paranormal


Illuminati - Outline of History
ID4 - Independence Day - The movie!
Information Regarding UFOs and Aliens - page by Matthew Dzurik
Inner Sanctum's - UFOs and the Paranormal - All kinds of strange but tantilizing links
International UFO Museum - Roswell, New Mexico
ISCNI - Institute for the Study of Contact with Non-human Intelligence
Italian Ufology and Sightings
IUFOG - Internet UFO Group
IUFOS - Internet UFO Skeptics


Jan Lustrup's UFO Page
Jason's UFO and Alien Page - (Jason Christman)
Jarmo's Ufo-links
Jim Nichols UFO Art
Jody's ET Phone-Home Page - (Jody Boyne) -UFOs, ETs, Contactees, Star People, Wanderers, Walk-Ins, Alternative Spirituality & Trans-human Psychology
Jody's ET Phone-Home Page
Joe's Paranormal Phenomena Page - (Joe Clark) - UFOs & other Weird Stuff!
John Erickson Paranormal Research Foundation - UFO Sightings & other Events
John's UFO & Conspiracy Page - (John Byers) - designated to finding out once and for all if there are aliens that come to our planet
Josh's UFOs/ And Other Related Material - The truth is out there, the problem is no one is listening


Karen Lustrup - Pleiades Index - UFOs, Extraterrestrials, Conspiracy
KeelyNet UFO - Documents / Images
Keith Conroy - UFO Sighting Investigator
Ken's UFO Page
Kidnapped By UFOs?
Kjetil Kjernsmos skeptic page


Land of Enchantment - Mini UFO Page
Laurent's Flying Disks Page - (Laurent Levesque)
Light is Information
Linda A. Scott's Adventures In CyberSpace - UFOs & the Unusual
Linda Moulton Howe Page - Emmy Award-Winning TV Producer, Reporter & Author
LineX Communications - Anomalous Images and UFO Files
Little A'le'inn/Area 51 Interview
Lots of Stuff - UFO Page - (Nihal Khalsa) - couple of UFO pictures
Lunar Institute of Technology - School of Exo-Science and Alien Studies


Malta UFO Research - 1st UFO Research Society in Malta
Marvin the Martian picture gallery
Massachusett UFO Report Site - MURS is a place where you can report a UFO sighting in the Massachusetts area
Massive UFO Project - UFO Technology & Research Project
Military Secrecy
Mike Broussard's Web Page - UFO Related Links
Miracle in the Void - book by Dr. Brian O'Leary
MORA - Mid-Ohio Research Association
MJ4's 1st Area 51 and UFO Page
Mr. GoodBytes's Area51 Page
MUFON- Mutual UFO Network
Arizona Chapter Phoenix ----- Georgia ----- Ontario ----- Minnesota ----- North Alabama ----- New Jersey ----- Ventura/Santa Barbara Counties ----- New Hampshire -----


NACOMM- New Age Communications
National UFO Reporting Center - Dedicated to the Collection and Dissemination of Objective UFO Information
Natty's UFO Document Page
Nellis AFB World Wide Web Server
Nellis Test Site/AFB
Nerd World : UFO
New Age Web Works - UFO Resources - UFO and Related Topics
Northcote Tip - Alien & UFO Information - The Invasion is Over! - stories from, above, below and beyond
Norwegian Center for Cosmic Awareness - UFOs, Multidimensional Realities, Lightwork, Ascension


OPUS - Organization for Paranormal Understanding and Support
OUT THERE: UFO's & Alien Contacts!
Omega Communications presents the UFO Experience - An Annual Conference With Researchers & Contactees
ORTK Index


Pacific Northwest UFO Archive
Paranormal Discussions BBS & Paul Dobbs
Paris GeoPage - Alternatives - UFOs, Aliens
Patch's UFO Page - (Dustin Blackstock)
Pat Parrinello's UFO type Stuff
ParaNet Information Services, Inc. - ParaNet is your single best resource for information on UFOs and the paranormal. Here's why:
Paul McGinnis
Peter Geyer's UFO HOT PAGE
Psychic Web International
PIADA Home Page
Pleides UFO Home Page
Project Contact
Protree UFO Center - (Bob Garth)


R Raymond E. Fowler - Blue Water Publishing - Catalog - Books - Allagash Abduction, Betty Andreasson, Watchers
Reported UFO on the evening of July 5, 1996 - by Ron Schaffner - A large red glowing sphere was reported over the cities of Middletown and Carlisle, Ohio
Roadkill Cafe - List of UFO Sites
Ron's Home Planet - Allien Conspiracy Pages - Missing Links - HUMOR
Roswell, New Mexico UFO Page - RICH GLO Corporation is proud to present direct from Roswell, NM
Roswell Incident - July 1947 (Roswell Autopsy) - V J Enterprises
Roswell Index
Roswell Story 1947 - East Coast Computers
Rutgers UFO Site


S-4 Database - Intro.
San Diego UFO Society
SETI Institute
Shawn McNulty's Popular Delusions Home Page
Smitty's UFO Page - Groom Lake, UFOs and Other Fun Stuff
Skeptics info - (Royston Paynter) - Scientific skepticism, UFOs and the flying saucer myth
Skeptic UFOlogy
SKEPTIC Annotated Bibliography - books & other resources relevant to paranormal & fringe science topics, mainly from a skeptical point of view
Skunk Works
SkyWatch International - UFOs, EBEs and the Extraordinary
Smitty's UFO PAGE Society for Scientific Exploration - professional forum for presentations, criticism, & debate concerning topics which are for various reasons ignored or studied inadequately within mainstream science.
Society for Scientific Exploration
Stanton Friedman's UFO Page
Stargate International
Strange Phenomenon Investigations (SPI) - devoted to one of Scotland's top UFO and paranormal investigative associations
Superior Data Research - UFO Abductee Test


They are among us - Did you ever want to learn more about the Roswell event.... in an easy manner? It's here
Tom Mahood's Blue Fire Top 5% Rated UFO & Fringe by Point
TUFOP - A rational approach to Ufology! - anyone for net? - Alien


U can fly my ufo
*U*F*O* - "UFO" Foreigners unknown
UFO Abduction Insurance - "Beam Me Up...I'm Covered"
UFO Art by Jim Nichols
UFO Books
UFO Books for Sale
UFO Central! - videotapes
UFO Club of Harpers Ferry Homepage
UFO'.COM - UFO's Titles - Source of UFO Videos
UFO Crossroads - A guide to UFOs and what is going on while we're not looking
UFO Directory and Forum
UFO Enigma Museum, Roswell, New Mexico
UFO Files
UFOAZ - UFO Arizona
UFOs & Extra-Terrestrials - sightings, images, other files/sites
UFO Encounters Magazine On-line
UFO Folklore - New UFO Folklore
UFO Gallery - (René K. Müller) - UFO pictures
UFO Guide - (Nick Humphries)
UFOINFO - (John Hayes) - an attempt to bring together as much information as possible for those of us who are interested in the subject of Ufology
UFOs in the 90s - V J Enterprises
UFO LINKS - (Thomas Welborn)
UFOlogy as a Belief System - A Federal Hypothesis - by Ron Schaffner
Ufology Research of Manitoba
UFOLOGY Society International
UFONEWS World Report - Nebadon Network
UFO-NORGE - UFO Norway - A National Research Organization
UFO On-line - Opening Page
UFO Phenomena (At Spirit)
UFO Phenomenon - (James Easton)
UFO Reporting Site
UFO's: A closer look - (Chris Lambright) - dedicated to presenting the truth about the UFO phenomena
UFOs and the New Physics - (Jack Sarfatti, Ph.D.)
UFOs - Links - (Larry Charbonneau)
UFO Sightings by Astronauts - UFO Joe, February 17, 1993
U.F.O. Sites - East; Coast Computers
U.F.O. Sites2 - East Coast Computers
UFO Skeptic's Page
UFO Sources on the InternetCompendium of Aerial Phenomena
Ufological Spectator
UFO's, Political Scams, and Conspiracies! - (Mary Christine Erikson)
UFO Sweden
UFO Sweden
UFO Sweden
UFO'S: The Hidden Truth - video - Galaxy Communications
UFO The Pleiades Project - (Randolph Winters)
UFO Theories
UFO Videos
Ultimate Links - Paranormal Links and Sources - The truth is out there.... all we have to do is find it!
Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page
Ultimate UFOlogists WWW Page
Unidentified Flying Objects (Parascience)
United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs Portal
Unusual Research
U.R.G. - Ufo Research Group - Hobby-Astronomers, Ufo-Science-interested & psychologists serching for the truth or the lies of the UFO-Phenomenon


Vitalinx - Paranormal Research Links
Virtual Art Gallery by Steven Vincent Johnson


Watcher's Paradigm Links
Weird World
Wild Bill's Home Page - I'm a civilian instructor at the US Army's Intelligence Center at Fort Huachuca, Arizona
Will's Ufo Page
Wiretap Spies - Library, Fringe, UFO
World Wide Times UFO Group
WWW Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects
WWW Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects
WWW Virtual Library: Unidentified Flying Objects


'X' Chronicles


Yahoo UFO Info
Yahoo! - Business and Economy:Companies:Books:Titles:UFOs


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